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Welcome to Elena's House

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What is Elena's House?
A group home for four to five people living with HIV/AIDS who have nowhere else to live and wish to live in a supportive community environment while working towards independence in the community or to a death with dignity.

Elena's House offers comfortable, home-like surroundings and takes special pride in forming an extended family.

Residents are responsible for helping in the preparation of meals and maintaining housekeeping duties.

Elena's House is a smoke-free, drug-free, and alcohol-free environment. Within Elena's House we are dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals with the HIV/AIDS virus.

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History and Mission
CommonGround Ministry was founded in August 2000 by a team of individuals including a caregiver, social worker and minister who had been working with people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS for several years. They recognized the need in the Milwaukee community for an alternative to institutional care for people living with HIV who were unable to live independently. In March of 2001, Elena's House, CGM's transitional home for people living with HIV/AIDS opened.

The mission of CommonGround Ministry (CGM) is to provide physical, spiritual and emotional support to people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS regardless of religious beliefs, race, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability or socioeconomic status. Through our transitional home for people living with HIV/AIDS, Elena's House, CGM offers home-like surroundings for four to five people who wish to live in a supportive community living environment.
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Contact Information

Mary Ellen Huwiler
Kristy Westphal Witt

CommonGround Ministry
P.O. Box 26916
Wauwatosa, WI 53226

Office: 414.453.3890
Fax: 414.453.3837

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