Our Goals

  • To help each resident struggling with HIV/AIDS understand a new sense of purpose and meaning in their life and to find peace and serenity within themselves.
  • To assure the integration of, and accessibility to, a spiritual component of care.
  • To help each resident achieve success by defining and working towards individual goals in order that they might regroup and reshape their lives and move towards independence.
  • To provide wholistic care which considers the total needs of each individual physical, social/familial and spiritual - while treating each individual with non-judgmental dignity and respect.
  • To offer love and support to family and friends affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • To reach out to others living with this disease not currently in need of a supportive living environment.
  • To collaborate with existing agencies in order for individuals to receive the best care possible, without duplicating services.
  • To reach beyond our home environment to the community to tell and show others how and why we must love those living with HIV/AIDS.