Another Chance At Life (ACAL)
Another Chance At Life (ACAL) is a bi-monthly social support group for men, designed to motivate, educate and mobilize people with HIV/AIDS living independently in the community. ACAL provides respite for people who are isolated and lonely, and don't have opportunities for socialization. Each meeting consists of a nutritious hot meal, an educational component, and an activity such as a craft project, game, or a social outing.


Women of Worth (WOW)
Women of Worth (WOW) is a peer driven, bi-monthly support group for women, focusing on topics such as nutrition, relationships, medication adherence, self-esteem and goals for the future. Each meeting consists of a nutritious hot meal and includes an educational component, meditation session, journaling, craft project or a social outing.

Elena's House group photo

Peer-based Programs

ACAL and WOW are peer-based programs that promote treatment adherence through group meetings in a safe and familiar environment where information sharing is encouraged and made easy. These programs allow Elena's House staff to monitor the ongoing health and well being of previous residents once they are no longer in need of 24-hour care. 

Participants are involved in the selection of meeting topics and are also encouraged to participate in meal planning, preparation and cleanup. The goal of these programs is to improve the mental and physical health of participants while they are reestablishing themselves as contributing members of our community. Our groups enhance existing services provided in the community by going beyond the basic needs of shelter, food and medical treatment to meet the needs of acceptance, community and socialization. 

Elena's House collaborates with other Community Based Organizations, AIDS Service Organizations, and Faith-based Community Organizations to provide services, speakers and facilitators.